Teach Them The Way

At Teach Them The Way we believe that children are the future.  Our goal is to provide children with the help they need TODAY, so that they can become productive members of society TOMORROW.  We work directly with the community and organize events to help educate, inspire, and empower the youths of today. 

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Our Programs


Financial Literacy Program

This Fall we are hosting a workshop designed to teach children financial literacy and guide them on their way to becoming the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners.


Prep U Tour

The purpose of the PREP U TOUR is to inspire high school students to strive for excellence and to PREPARE them for college and life after graduation.  There is untapped potential in every school and we desire to give the schools the additional help they need to motivate and educate these students.


Grow Skid Row

Grow Skid Row is an initiative involving several organizations all working together with the purpose of building up the Skid Row community.  There are children there that need our help, and by the grace of God we will do all that we can to make their lives better.